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What are the PODS?
The following is a quote from “podcasting to the world” by Bradley Baymack, p40, Digital Connect August 2005 (and yes, the actual magazine headline is all in lower-case which implies that Bradley is probably under 30 years old, a product of Quertenglish, where the driving factor is not clarity or spelling but just getting your fingers around the world’s scientificallly-most-ineffecient layout of keys without acquiring Carpel Tunnel Syndrome before voting age).

“. . . an audio file (most commonly in MP3 format) available online in a way that allows software to automatically download it for listening at the user’s convenience on a portable device or PC [so that every-day people] can run their own radio stations without any high-end training, expensive equipment or hassle.”

Another way to look at podcasting is as a custom-assembled audio magazine, working somewhat like mixtapes do in the music world.

Why is this “radio-like” broadcasting called “podcasting?”  Because the device most often used for listening is the dinky
iPod. <== (Watch out y’alls, double-click to get yerselves back out of that there Apple web site.  They kinda kidnap ya, donchaknow?)
The mysterious podcaster “The Key Grip” claims inner knowledge of our movies, and promises to “expose all” to a listening audience.

So, as they say, “the proof will be in the podding.”